Equipment Department

The Equipment Department manages and coordinates 9 mirror standardization commissions for technical committees (TC) and technical subcommittees (SC).

We work at the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for the Technical Committee TC 67 “Oil and gas industries including lower carbon energy” which includes 8 technical subcommittees (SC) and at the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) in 3 Technical Committees, the CEN/TC 12, which adopts the same programme as ISO/TC 67 at the European level, the CEN/TC 286 “ LPG equipment and accessories” and the CEN/TC 265 “Site-built metallic tanks for the storage of liquids”.

The Equipment Coordination Group is a special standardization commission comprising all the Chairpersons of each Standardization Commission and which ensures the cohesion of the system. It meets twice a year.

The commissions consist of a group of members and experts representing the different socio-professional categories concerned by the projects. Each commission elects a Chairperson for 3 years. Experts speak on behalf of their profession, their ministry, their principal; they contribute their technical expertise and experience necessary for developing normative documents. They represent the stakeholders and interested parties of the French regulatory system.

The Equipment Department works according to an AFNOR delegation agreement to manage a portfolio of approximately 300 standards or draft standards. Within these standardization commissions that meet at least once a year, the Equipment Department promotes communication and consensus to develop draft standards, prepare the French standpoints and votes in the international committees. During preparatory meetings for the plenary sessions, it also forms and appoints the French delegation to represent France (AFNOR) in international standard-setting bodies (ISO, CEN).

The Equipment Department also works in conjunction with 3 other sector-based standardization bureaux (UNM - Mechanical Engineering Standardization Office, BN Gaz - Standardization Bureau for the Gas Industry and AFNOR). It liaises on common topics with 34 other Technical Committees and Technical Subcommittees at ISO and CEN. Moreover, it is acting as the secretariat for ISO/TC 67/SC 6 “Oil and gas industries including lower carbon energy / Processing equipment and systems”.

Standardization Commissions of the Equipment Department

Each mirror Standardization Committee proposes a communication document on the “Conclusions and Outlook” of its activity. You can view these documents by clicking on the links herafter.

Commission Scope Convenor Documents PDF to download (French only)

Materials, Equipment and Offshore Structures

Inigo DEL-BUSTO Download Report & Outlook M10  

Pipeline and Transportation Systems

Pierre NEVEUX Download Report & Outlook M12

Drilling and Completion Fluids, and Well Cements

Grégory GALDIOLO Download Report & Outlook M13 

Drilling and Production Equipment

Denis LEON Download Report & Outlook M14

Casing, Tubing and Drill Pipe

Olivier TARTAR Download Report & Outlook M15

Processing Equipment and Systems

Jean-Claude BOURGUIGNON Download Report & Outlook M16

Offshore structures and arctic operations

Jean-Marc CHOLLEY  Download Report & Outlook M17

Site-built metallic tanks for the storage of liquids

Michel BELGUIRAL  Download Report & Outlook M30

LPG equipment and accessories

Olivier AUBERTIN Download Report & Outlook M40

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