BN Pétrole (Bureau de Normalisation du Pétrole) - the Standardization Bureau for the Oil Industry - is one of the sector-based bureaux of the French Standardization System (SFN). It acts under powers delegated by AFNOR, under the terms of an approval given by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery.

Pursuant to Decree No. 2009-697 of 16 June 2009 on French standardization modified by Decree No. 2021-1413 of 10 November 2021, BN Pétrole’s scope of activity covers the standardization of:

  • materials and equipment specific to the oil industry, including those relating to liquefied petroleum gas, 
  • the classification of crude oil and petroleum products and the specifications for petroleum products,
  • testing and measurement methods.


Products and Methods Department

With respect to the products and analysis methods concerning petroleum products, the Standardization Bureau for the Oil Industry has powers:

  • to develop specifications and standardized test methods applicable to LPG, gasoline, diesel and all other types of petroleum fuels of synthetic and biological origin, within a national, European or international framework;
  • to establish standards for specifications and test methods applicable to bitumen and bituminous binders;
  • to develop standards for the classification, specification and test methods applicable to lubricants;
  • to standardize the methods for measuring petroleum products in the industry.


Equipment Department

With respect to materials and equipment, the Standardization Bureau for the Oil Industry has powers to develop technical standards within a national, European or international framework for the following activities:

  • Exploration, production and transportation of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons;
  • Refining and Petrochemicals;
  • Site-built metal tanks for the storage of liquids and safety accessories for the Oil and Gas industries and petrochemicals;
  • LPG equipment and accessories.

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