The French Standardization System (SFN) is primarily made up of AFNOR and Sector-based Standardization Bureaux, Public authorities and experts. AFNOR conducts, controls and coordinates standardization in France. Standards are drafted by the Sector-based Standardization Bureaux (BNS) or by AFNOR in areas common to a large number of sectors and in sectors for which there is no approved BNS. 
Pursuant to Decree N°2009-697 of 16 june 2009 modified by Decree N°2021-1413 of 10 november 2021, its status is that of an association governed by the 1901 Act and its responsibilities are as follows:

  • Identify standardization needs
  • Develop normative strategies
  • Manage the standardization system
  • Coordinate standardization programmes
  • Mobilise partners
  • Participate in European and international standardization systems
  • Certify, disseminate and promote standards
  • Develop the national certification of compliance with standards


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